9 Marketing Tips to Quickly Grow Your Blog, Podcast or Video Channel

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Here are some of my favorite marketing tips for any blog, podcast or video channel. Learn these simple 9 tips to give yourself the best chance to grow much faster, and with more a more highly targeted audience.

Shout out to Ben from the Breaking Español podcast for the questino that spurred this answer and these tips today. He’s also the owner of the popular YouTube channel, Teslanomics, and was a special guest on a recent podcast episode of mine, Episode #301 of the Smart Passive Income Podcast. Links to each are below:

Breaking Español:

Teslanomics YouTube Channel:

Episode #301 of the SPI Podcast:

For more information about the “highlight a forum owner” strategy, watch this video here that shows you exactly how to execute this traffic strategy, which is very powerful and some of my students are using to grow their audiences from scratch:


Subscribe to this YouTube channel:


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30 thoughts on “9 Marketing Tips to Quickly Grow Your Blog, Podcast or Video Channel

  1. Parker Kane

    Hi Pat! I LOVE your videos & THANK YOU for making them. You helped me launch a podcast as well as many other things. I need some help & I'm wondering if you could help me out or make a video about this!

    I have the $15 plan for my podcast on Libsyn. But I'm wondering how to follow and understand the statistics? I can't tell if they are talking about total show downloads or individual episode downloads. Please help! 🙂 I would greatly appreciate it!


  2. Constance Hall

    Looking to start reaching out to parents with children with Mental health challenges. Would you suggest a blog, podcast or YouTube videos?

  3. ForgeXcreative

    Thanks Pat! Great advice as we launch and grow our new show, FORGED. Where we ask creatives and entertainment industry professionals, "What forged their path?". I had never heard of Answer the Public. I'm definitely going to check that out!

  4. Christine Claire dela Pena

    This is awesome!! Thank you Pat. If any body is interested in a podcast that interviews Canadian innovators that are crushing it, please do check us out at caninnovate.io

  5. Red Con One Media

    Its funny how all these so called tips are on here, however they have minimal views. So that leads me to believe your stuff does not work.

  6. Jason Dahl

    Thanks for the tips Pat. Great stuff. Strange… I don't know why, but I feel like watching Back To The Future. You should put an affiliate link to the Blue Ray box set in the description. (Subliminal affiliate marketing 🙂

  7. Chris Gilmour

    Hey Pat, I’m in your “Smart From Scratch” course. This is one of my favourite videos you have done yet. I’ve joined lots of Facebook groups to share my blogs in but always worry about weather this is good conduct and the results are often minimal anyways. Contacting the admin to feature them on my site, build a relationship, promote and provide value for them in hopes that they will do the same for me seems like a way smarter and less controversial strategy. Thanks for the great tips!

  8. Lee Ashby

    Thanks Pat, great to get some pointers. Its encouraging, and I think going deep on 1 or 2 methods is what I need to do for my partners couples counselling and life coaching practice. We have created some great content, just got to get the eye balls on there – and do it efficiently.

  9. Teslanomics with Ben Sullins

    Thanks for the tips! Hoping to implement some of these soon…btw, want to race your X against my 3? 🙂

  10. Dale Aceron

    So many good points here Pat. Question: Having trouble wrapping my head around inviting a guest podcaster in the same space. Maybe this is an insecurity thing, but I', weighing out what helps us versus what hurts us as far as guests go. Hope that makes sense!

  11. Bad Kitty

    Again, another great video!  Thanks Pat!  Love the "subtle" Delorean pics in the background–NOT!  Baaaaack to the Future with Pat!

  12. Gene Radzik

    Hi Pat. Thanks for another great lesson. The focus aspect you share is a major takeaway.

    It’s so easy to spread ourselves thin and burn out trying to master multiple tactics simultaneously- while only yielding partial results.

    Tons of great tips as usual! Thanks for the value you bring!


  13. Sean McCabe

    Love this! Great video, Pat.

    It can feel like a real grind trying to grow your podcast audience. Something I try to remember is just how loyal and valuable a podcast listener is. You can hold someone's attention for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or even longer with a podcast—something incredibly rare in most other places.

    Meaning: it's worth the hard work and effort you spend doing what it takes to grow your show because they people you attract who become regular listeners are worth their weight in gold!

  14. Welcome To Crypto

    Thanks Pat! Looking forward to implementing the advice. Full effort in one area is the best advice, imo. Trying to focus on too many things can hinder progress in any one direction. Too much noise these days. Keep the videos coming!


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