Camcorder VS. DSLR for Video, YouTube and Vlogging?

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Pros and cons of using a DSLR VS. a Camcorder of Video and YouTube! ***** Download the FREE Think Media TV Video Gear Buyer’s guide here:

Budget Camcorder — Canon VIXIA HF R800 A KIT

Wide Angle Conversion Lens for Canon VIXIA HF R800 (43mm)

Budget DSLR for YouTube and Video with a Flip Screen — Canon EOS Rebel T6i

Budget DSLR without a Flip Screen — Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Digital

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About this video:
In this video Sean Cannell from THiNK media TV compares dslr cameras versus digital cameras. The camcorder vs. dslr video quality conversation has a lot of opinions and many people ask should i get a dslr or camcorder? It can be hard to decide between dslr camera vs. mirrorless cameras when you consider the low light, video quality and usefulness for vlogging. If you want to compare cameras, check out this dslr camera vs normal camera video!

25 thoughts on “Camcorder VS. DSLR for Video, YouTube and Vlogging?

  1. Eric Dayal

    Hi Sean, just found you recently, great vids, really helpful.
    I wanted to ask you which would suit my need better.
    I wanted to record my lectures. I'll be having someone handle the camera for me. Some classes go close to 2 hrs. All indoors recording. I keep moving around a bit writing points on the white board and pointing out stuff on the projector screen. So constantly focusing the camera in quick time could be an issue for a newbie. Will be getting LED rechargeable lights too. I already purchased a rode mic n a tripod…

    But still can't decide between a video cam or a DSLR, would a good smartphone camera (iphone x) do too?

    Budget :500-600$
    Cameraman: novice
    Focus: would be constantly changing as I would be moving and writing from time to time.
    Video length : 120-140 mins
    Place : indoors, hall, class

    Plz advise me what camera and which model to go for. Thanks!

  2. Mauricio Davila

    How could i make better audio with i dslr taking into account that It doesnt have an external microphone jack

  3. My Road Tours

    Its my understanding that the set 30 minute timer thing is standard on all DSLRs. This is something to do with the European trade deal…anything over 30 minutes is a camcorder and taxed different. So instead of Canon or Nikon making a longer time limit for American and shorter limits for Europe, they just make them the same for the sake of ease. Again, that is just what I've heard and read. So if you want longer run times, you're gonna want a camcorder…or Gopros in my case.

  4. Melbourne Transport Channel

    Lol I am going backwards, I have a Nikon D5500 DLSR but are getting a Panasonic HC-V180 Camcorder for videos. I prefer the camcorder for zoom like 90x I Zoom

  5. Chris Dimitris

    Talk about those camera which camera has a more quality nikon coolpix b500 16mp digital camera with 40x optical zoom – red or canon eos 2000d please do on this week if you can

  6. Murphy Chen

    I am so sorry to disturb you, i am impressive by your professional youtube video and you huge fans, We are a camera factory, we have a very nice 4k camcorder,which is very suitable for you to make a youtube video,we hope you can make a review video for our product , how about it?

  7. Vipin Vyshakh

    1) Camcorders could have 2 audio inputs while DSLRs/Mirrorless are restricted to 1 only!
    2) Professional Camcorders could produce dof!

  8. ZERO

    As a musician/performer, I'm not interested in being a pro video guy, or carrying a lot of video gear. I'd hire someone that specializes in that for a "pro" music video. So, for my purposes, the camcorder is a very reasonable choice. Thanks for the video!


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