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11 thoughts on “Delhi Metro GREY LINE Deadline and Details || MetroRail Blog

  1. mantu hazra

    Ami delhi te thaki ami dwarka theke construction deke chi and its going very well and i ami sure ki nov 2019 te pakka line open hue jabe

  2. Jatin Jangra

    Make more videos on Delhi metro..
    Why the pink line has been made awkwardly? I mean why Mayur vihar pocket 1 and trilokpuri sanjay lake stations aren't connected?

  3. rupraj sengupta

    The last underground section of phase 3/bringing najafgarh closer! Correction airport express is undergoing extension!

  4. S Sen

    Kolkata metro should get experts from Delhi Metro to renovate the north-south corridor so that it looks like world class metro…


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