G7X Mark II Camera Review and Test (Best Vlogging Camera)

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I take a look at the Canon G7X Mark II, my favourite vlogging camera ever. The G7X Mark II was just released in 2016, and it’s a top of the line point and shoot camera.

In this video I’m honest about the Pros and Cons of the G7X Mark II. I take it around Vancouver and show you how this camera works in a variety of situations.

Timestamps of the 12 topics I discuss in the video:

2:21 – Autofocus
3:17 – Holding the Camera (+ tripod info)
5:22 – Indoor Audio Test
7:02 – Sunlight (attempt 1)
7:24 – Zooming
8:21 – Sunlight (attempt 2)
9:15 – Outdoor (traffic)
9:54 – Screen Visibility
10:39 – Testing in a crowd
11:19 – Using the G7X Mark II as a point and shoot camera
11:29 – Timelapse (1 frame / 3 seconds)
12:02 – Timelapse (1 frame / 5 seconds)
12:12 – Depth of field
13:57 – Summary and recap
14:48 – Night test

Overall I don’t have much negative to say about the Canon G7X Mark II. It is a quality vlogging camera. Though durability may be one point worth bringing up, as I did have to have my G7X sent in for repairs after less than a few months of usage. You can watch this video to learn all about the problem and the repair process:

Do you have this camera? Do you have any questions? I’d be happy to hear from you in the comments.

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28 thoughts on “G7X Mark II Camera Review and Test (Best Vlogging Camera)

  1. Kelly Bryan

    Great vid! I just bought this camera for upcoming travel but I'm not super tech savvy. Have you been able to find a panorama option?? Also, do you use the auto option most often or manual? Thanks!!

  2. Magnum

    I had one of these (the Mark I). Very nice choice. The only thing I didn't like about it was that you can't change the battery while it's on a tripod. Maybe they changed that with the Mark II.

  3. Tye Blake

    Yep, gonna get out this weekend and buy the G7X Mark ii… It's seems like a really great vlogging camera… I'll do some tests on the audio but am thinking will probably have to sync a mic to another source and add it in during editing… been using my iPhone for the last 2 weeks to record video on and been having lots of fun… maybe a DSLR is in the future but for now, like you said in earlier comments, "Gonna try and Master this one,
    the G7X Mark ii"
    Thnx for making the video buddy!
    Keep up the great work:)

  4. Eliza Burton

    I'm saving up for this camera and have a question.does rode video micro or rode videomic go work with this?if they don't how can I improve audio?

  5. MaryChun Slone

    How long would the battery life be for an hour or two?? And could you do time-lapse and slow motion with the canon g7x mark ii?? PLEASE ANSWER!!!

  6. Scott Musgrave Vision

    My new favorite camera so far – and found your Vlog on a search for learning about it and really enjoyed your test & review.

  7. kimberlypejq

    My g7x mark ll produce a clicking noise when it's auto focus? Like when i was taking a picture, it keeps having this clicking noise and it was on the auto mood! Is it normal?

  8. kevlarre

    This is one of the best canon g7x mark ii review i have seen yet. Very useful, thanks. I noticed that the mark ii has a warmer skin tone color when recording videos compared to mark i. Is there any settings that we can change the color tone for video recording to, say neutral or vivid? Or is the warm color tone is fixed?

  9. Justlife

    We have recently purchased a canon or a different model G3X. Very satisfied with provisional altans we use youtube only since August. For the canon we used a GoPro Hero 4 and session. What bothered me hiernaan is sound and in poor lighting conditions. Only downside of our canon is that the lens is not wide. We have deliberately chosen roof racks this unit, because there is a superzoom compact ride-on machine, and a hot shoe present.

  10. Nomadic In The Philippines

    great review! I like the focus on the g7x compared to my sony rx100 m2. But I gotta say, If you ever want to improve your skills to a professional level then a dslr or mirrorless is needed and you will learn so much faster once getting one. 1" sensor cameras are get for beginners and great for a vlogging/backup camera but theres limitations with them. cheers and keep at it.

  11. Fall off the Map

    Be careful with this camera in the cold. Most cameras will die in extreme cold but come back to life when warmed up. This little guy broke on me after 20 minutes of use at -40 F. When lens motors freeze up most good cameras will shut down to prevent damage. Sadly, Canon's support wasn't helpful or interested.

  12. Gary Hauptli

    The GX7 is the perfect B roll camera but you really need  a directional mic on your primary camera for good sound.  Here's a challenge for the Canon engineering team: come up with an integrated camera mic design that can reject side and rear sound that can reduce the reverberation inside and extraneous sounds outside.I use a Sony AX53 with a Rode VideoMicro and the sound is so much better than my GX7, but it's so nice to carry the Canon in my pocket so I use both.

  13. Journal of Nomads

    This is the next camera on our list!The autofocus has a bit of a delay indeed but it's not noisy and that's a major plus.Love how it fits straight in the pocket and gives such good quality.Love all the tests especially the time lapse. OMG the time lapse on this camera is great!!Really can't wait to get my hands on this camera!


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