Here’s my Camera – VLOG #7 – Road to 100k

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JimsReviewRoom Vlog 7

EYE Wear Story:

Nikon Camera:

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40 thoughts on “Here’s my Camera – VLOG #7 – Road to 100k

  1. Cody Talley

    I had no idea that you paid for all the products that you review. I have watched a ton of your videos and took your reviews to heart. Keep up the great work man, thanks for doing these reviews for us!

  2. Danyel Dalmaschio

    Hey Jim, you're doing a great job! Just one feedback: The timeline of this review was a little confusing. You present the new chromecast in the beginning of the video and later during the questions you talk about having pre-ordered it. Keep the great work!

  3. Omar Casas

    I didn't know you are from Dallas! Awsome! great videos and keep them coming! sorry about the your kid. hope she got better by now.

  4. Moris Sombre

    I'm glad you getting subscribers, Jim, you well deserve much more than you have now.
    Your reviews are very deep and thorough. After watching them I feel like I've used the thing myself for a while. I've bought Fitbit Charge HR after your review and everything you said was correct.


    Please stop naming your videos "Road to…". It comes off negative..and pushes people away from the actual great video content you create.

  6. DonkeyK

    Jimbo I think you would get a lot more subscribers if you reviewed more Apple or related products…I know it means ditching your droid handsets…

  7. Calvin Dang

    Wait, Jim! Did you mean to say megabit instead of megabyte when you were talking about your Time Warner speeds?

  8. Humberto Alvarez

    Few questions here, thank you for reading! Can we purchase the stuff you sell, for example the tech items you review? (Because we know your products are awesome, we want them!). Where do you get your music from for your videos, I'm always curious on how you tubers find them (for example, what website?) lastly, how long does it take you to do your commentary for your videos ? Again, thank for reading!!!

  9. Axonteer

    Hey jimmy, your traffic looks like in switzerland around and trough zürich… just less worse xD
    If i took the car to work with no traffic… 35min roughly… with the train 50min door to door… during usual commuting times 6-7am with car… at least 1h15 if not more… you basicaly stand from start to finish -.-

    I have respect for someone that wants to do quality YT videos with quality gear, i looked into the 5D (upgrading from a canon 700D) but the body + new optics… naaah.

    Btw, i pay 70$ for a 50mbit connection (50down / 5 up), mbit, yes, not mbyte …. and this is baiscally the largest cable internet provider here in switzerland. I mostly get a little more than they tell me (down speeds of up to 8mb/s). i guess 5mb down is fine, but the upload rate is seriously capped here in switzerland, you cant get much faster unless you get yourself a busines contract…. go figure why you see very few swiss twitch streamers and youtubers.

  10. Tech1Tv

    Good vlog, 4K is useless like you say and most people watch videos in 720p. That camera you got is pretty good even though it's 1080p, i saw reviews on it.

  11. DroneWolf Media

    Great vlog Jim! Sorry to hear about your battery. I haven't heard of any of our forum members having thus Irishmen on their Note 4, hopefully it was just an isolated incident. I have seen it happen randomly on previous Samsung devices, but nothing too widespread. Thankfully it won't cost much to replace.
    Keep up the good work and hopefully you hit that 100k by years end. Holidays are coming up and people will be looking for great reviews. 🙂

  12. Miguel Slabbert

    Been using the note 3 since launch lol and that battery is still going. Not as great as it used to be. But still great I think

  13. James Hahn

    You are one of the best reviewers on YouTube. Why would anyone leave a negative comment? It's likely that they're not doing what you are doing.

    Thanks for answering my question. Your reviews help me stay on top of technology and the kinds of products that are currently being sold.


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