How to Add & Customize Blog/Posts to Website [ULTRA Theme]

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In this video, I show you how to add & customize/style blog & posts to your website. It’s based on the “Online Shop Tutorial 2016”, I recently uploaded. But you can still follow along, as long as you’re using the Ultra Theme by Themify. Demo:

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On this channel, my mission is not just to teach you how to make a website/blog but to really inspire you to chase your dreams. A lot of the times, we let the fear of the unknown hold us back from starting anything. My job is to show you that it is possible and hopefully be a piece of a bigger puzzle that helps you achieve your goals and dreams. Believe in yourself and never, ever give up! Hogan Chua 🙂


34 thoughts on “How to Add & Customize Blog/Posts to Website [ULTRA Theme]

  1. Marc Povell

    Hi Chua, I Have been trying to add a uTube carasol on a Page, in the Themify-Ultra for days now and all I'm finding via a post or just One video as a background…I want to display six or more Utube videos on a Dedicated page as a library etc…or what plugin could I use as I have tried so many that I'm now getting so confused.. Please Please Please Help this desperate soul,( I have been following your video 2Start a WP Blog The Most Complete Guide").Once again PLEASE  Help Me

  2. Rose Crox

    Hi Hogan – Do you have a video tutorial that shows how to add a side bar menu to a page -that links to text on that page?

  3. Roberto Innocenzi

    Hi Hogan, you did one more great tutorial !!!
    I have a question I think you can easily answer: is it possible to customize the archive pages ? So for example, if I create 3 different categories, can I create 3 different post grids (3 different ways to show posts related to the current category) ? Thank you in advance for your answer. Wish you happy Christmas holidays from Italy 🙂

  4. Boryana Ivanova

    Hi, Hogan!
    I went through the website building tuts, my site is almost done, now the blog section is on the way, and I just realized, after watching this tutorial, that I have no Themify icon in the post/page editor?!? I cannot insert Themify items within the post content as shown…Any idea of the reason?

  5. Lukas Marteleur

    Hi Hogan!
    How can I make the title background of the blog post thumbnail clickable and interactive-looking, by making it change color slightly upon hover? Example: I've made it work using css but the padding won't shift color :/

  6. Aj

    Hey Hogan,

    When I create a new post, the post page (it's unique URL page) has its own font colours for the menu etc, it isn't the same as the rest of my website. Please help!!

  7. Catiana Izabelle

    Hello there,
    you tutorials are really helpful and the only ones I get. I'd love to know how I can get my post titles to be on top of the image instead of underneath it, on my homepage.
    Thank you!

  8. MrTravelGoals

    Thanks for the tutorial Hogan. Quick question, when i first create a post, the featured image is aligned the to left automatically and I have no idea on how to change it. Can you help out?

  9. Jessica Noemii

    Hi Hogan,

    Where do you recommend to learn about wordpress coding? I want to build websites for clients and want to use themify but also know a little code to customize it even more. Let me know? One of the things I wanted to change was the "next page/back page" Icon in the blog posts section, or change the pagination number font ? THank you!!!

  10. Marisa B

    Hi Hogan! I want my blog a bit different from this example .. uh oh. And want a ''hero image'' on this page because my logo is white without a background. De problem is my images become unsharp (i don't have this problem on other pages) and i have tried many different image sizes. Can you please helpt? Been stuck on this for a long time now:(

  11. Jon Whitmore

    Quick question, I have followed the tutorial but must done something incorrectly. I now have the builder post section at the top of my blog page plus the exact same posts underneath. I am struggling to remove the two below which appear to be showing as published posts. Any guidance please.

  12. Emmally

    Hi Hogan! Just wanted to say that your videos are amazing! I could never have built such a nice website without you! Thanks! So something really weird is happening though. For some reason all my tags are ending up in my header wrap?! I have no idea how to remove them… any thoughts?

  13. Zulfadli Nasir

    I am your number One Fan, previously i saw your tutorial to make a website. Apart of that u did mention about Smart Slider 3. I think its a good option and i consider to buy it. My question is, do u have the affiliate program with them? they offer free registration and u can get 30% commission. so i pay usd200 and u can get the percentage, just share me the link after u create the account. I am serious. Please tell me if u already have your account with Smart Slider Pro 3

  14. WordPress everyone

    which tutorial you taught about modify the individual post date and hidden it and move it to left hand side, I remember I saw but cannot remember when I need it?

  15. Krisfr23

    Does anyone know how to change the Footer section text for Address and Hours in the Restaurant Option of the Ultra theme? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  16. Noora Rimmi

    Hi Hogan and thanks for the great tutorials! I'd have a question for you because I'm having trouble saving the font size of the post titles. I can see it changing as I have the customization menu open but as soon as I save and close, it gets back to the same as it was before. Do you know why that would happen?

  17. Rosa Alves

    Hi Hogan. I have followed your tutorial and now thanks to you I have a beautiful website.I installed your free themify untra theme and now it is asking for a update to version 1.4.3. I have backup up my website and tried to install the new version but it does not accept my login details. Please clarify me on this. Thanks

  18. Michael Scorr

    Hogan, I got 15 mins into this video only to see tabs and settings that aren't on my settings example (no animation tab, or preview and save in the top left hand corner of the options panel), and then also 19mins in I don't have (Display post date as inline text instead of circle style)???? I re-downloaded/installed the theme from you're website in the hope that things might change but no such luck?? Any help greatly appreciated 🙂


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