How To Start A Blog: Step By Step For Beginners | Meg Says

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I get asked every day how to start a blog, so here are my top ten steps 🙂 Subscribe here: ♥
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Thank you so much for watching, that alone means the world to me! ♥

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37 thoughts on “How To Start A Blog: Step By Step For Beginners | Meg Says

  1. PB200559

    Very nicely done, really helpful, friendly and no feeling of being talked down to. Really helpful to an older guy like me thinking of starting to blog for the first time. Thank you for the advice

  2. Princess zee

    Is blogging not mostly writing?. WhT do you mean by introducing? . And how important is pictures?. Oops. I feel like i know nothing

  3. Claire Stovall

    More than half the time, your gut feeling is right. I finally got rid of my doubts and confirmed my blog is active and working well while i,m receiving alert every seconds people login to it with the help of RIC Gmail;[email protected]

  4. Rachel Ngatia

    Hey Meg, I am well hope  you are too I want to start a food blog I saw that WordPress is the best platform though some also say you could start with Plus for wordpress you must pay at first and for me I ahve a paypal account but guess I will have to have the card too since they ask for a card number i just want something simple and fun then later i shall save my work and move to wordpress.

  5. Killjoy0329

    Meg says…. QUIT QUITTING, just kidding she didn’t say that, but seriously quit quitting (pointing at myself while saying that)

  6. kelly stromgren

    I really love this and thank you for all the advice and help on deciding on its something I wanted to do. Awesome so thank you!!!

  7. Sandra Powell

    I realize that you have posted this a few years before but I must take the time to tell you that this video has been the most helpful and informative video that I have watched on this topic. Thank you so much for giving me the foundation that I need to tell my story.

  8. KingLionAfrica

    We love you lots too my dear and thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge with us.keep prospering.From Eastern Cape, South Africa


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