24 thoughts on “How To Vlog

  1. BroCambo

    CaseyNeistat! I'm like your activities and videos . Can you just follow back my channel ? I'm want to make videos like you . Thanks .

  2. Dihelson Mendonca

    Someone help me, please ! I´d like to know what´s best: Having several channels on different google accounts to talk about different matters, or have all channels in the same google account, as subchannels on youtube. The question is simply because as you know, if all channels are under the same google account, if I have a problem with one channel ( one subject ) and related to the same google account, Youtube could, for instance, cancel my google account, and doing that, all youtube channels would vanish because one of them, but having them on separate google accounts, if a channel went off, no problem with the other ones. What do you think it´s the best option ? How people deal about creating different channels for ifferent subjects ? Thanks !

  3. zeta voyage

    I make videos in my bedroom talking to a camera , uploaded my first one today AND LOOKING FOR CHANNELS WITH POSITIVE VIBES!! <3 reply and I'll check out your channel!


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