Indian Vlogger Soumali || Aryan ka Makeup Skills

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Indian Vlogger Soumali || Aryan ka Makeup Skills

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29 thoughts on “Indian Vlogger Soumali || Aryan ka Makeup Skills

  1. Farah Khan

    It's not parpal (PURPLE). What kind of lady are you, kuch nahi mila toh bachche ko leliya. Do something for your lips seriously, you can't speak properly till now ABHI and KABHI. IT'S sounds so bad avi-kavi as if you are an illiterate person. You have to learn soooooo much things aap dusroon ko kya sekhaogey


    How can a family along with a child stay in yellow light all the time everyday. Aryan is already wearing spects at this age and after that all staying in yellow light.

  3. Nadika Ramesh

    You entertain your kid with beauty cosmetics… Play chess or carom. Interact with him a lot asking him scientific questions and by solving mathematical puzzles…

  4. atreyee dhar

    i almost think shoumali needs an intervention- if i were her family or close friend i would do one – intervention is when an adult refuses or is unable to see reason and so needs help


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