Is it too late to start blogging in 2018?

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Is it too late to start a blog in 2018? Seems like pretty much everyone has one!

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to start your own blog from scratch with my Create Your Blog Dream course:

The price is set to over $50 off for the first two weeks! Also, there is a 2019 content calendar and a private Facebook group to help you reach your goals in the new year!

My husband and I now make our full-time income from blogging alone. I believe that anyone can do the same if they’re willing to put in the work to learn how to create content that grows traffic and a brand that has a clear and cohesive message across all platforms.

In my new blogging course I have 60+ video tutorials that walk you through everything from choosing brand colors, a name and a niche to tech tutorials, like getting a domain name, setting up hosting and installing wordpress. We talk photography tips, search engine optimization and growing an email list. Everything you need to be successful is there.

There is also an exclusive private Facebook group that you can use to bounce ideas off other bloggers, grow your tribe and have your questions answered.

No matter what your message is, whether you’re trying to grow a ministry, sell real estate or promote your handmade candle business, I truly believe that blogging and growing an online platform is the way to do just that! I walk you through how to grow social followings on Facebook and Instagram and how to create graphics for Pinterest to grow blog traffic.

Check out more on my course here:

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35 thoughts on “Is it too late to start blogging in 2018?

  1. Kirsten Olsen

    What a couragious girl you are, and a big inspiration! Please continue and keep inspiring your fans all over the world. I am living in Denmark and here it is hard. I am a passionate knitter and find that there are danish designers who are cool and get over a 1000 likes on IG, and yet being a mum of 4 boys, having a fulltime teachers job and being a nightworker on knitting new projects I am not hitting the jackpot of likes. But watching you and your experience, I still keep on going. So please continue to inspire us girlz out here<33

  2. Sylvia Schade

    Hey Lisa, I discovered your blog a couple of months ago and absolutely love it! Does it make sense to take this course if you’re married to another platform? I know you focus on WordPress, but I’m currently on Shopify and am planning to launch my blog on their platform.

  3. Ashley Irizarry-Diaz

    Love this! Thank you for helping us reach our dreams with blogging. How long will your course be available?

  4. Chantil Lightfoot

    Love your videos, wish I could afford your course. With that being said I think its great that you're able to grow your channel/income and have your husband quit his job! very inspiring <3

  5. Debby Beachy

    I'm excited to say I just bought your course. Back in 2009 I started to blog, but I didn't keep it up…sorry to say. I'm back now and need to be refreshed.

  6. Mrs. Maypop - Victoria G

    Thank you for this! Two questions- If you had to pick one place to focus- would it be blogging, YouTube, or Instagram? I’ve dabbled with all 3, but I haven’t jumped “all in” on anything. Also, what are your thoughts on spending a little bit of money, especially on content, at first (before you’re making any money)?

  7. A Substantial Life

    Wonderful as always, @Farmhouse on Boone! Thanks, Lisa – you are reminding me that it is still NOT too late to start my blog and vlog! Hoping Santa brings me your course this holiday season! Your transparency and advice is deeply appreciated and much needed to everyone looking to create at-home income in the future! xoxo @ASubstantialLife

  8. Aspen Chelsea Davenport

    Just started going through the course and although some of this beginning stuff I already knew just because I've been researching it for months I think this is going to be very helpful especially if you want to skip the part of alllll the research on your own. I know some people may think it's to expensive but the price is literally 10% of what comparable blogging courses cost. I'd definitely reccomend saving up a couple bucks a week to enroll before there is a waitlist!

  9. pennylane36

    Time goes by so quickly. A few year back I had a friend suggest I create a Facebook page for the things I make, so I did. I just went back and looked at it all and my first post was March 13th 2011. 7 years lol it was nice to go back and read my posts and look at all the random pictures I took while in my fav place, the quilt fabric store. " I love fabric, it's my bookstore"

  10. Bobbie Koppe

    Thank you for this. I’ve had my channel for over a year now and I’ve been considering starting a blog. You may have pushed me to get started. Love your channel!


    Hi Lisa, would this course be applicable for Australian market? I am interested in the social media side, graphics, videos and improving followers. Thanks

  12. Joann Jacquin

    Lisa, I actually have a blog that I started, using, but i haven't actually done anything with it for almost 3 years. We've had some huge changes in our family and it just got set aside. I loved doing it, but I really am a rooky. The blog is called "The Italian Next Door" and it was a blog where I was sharing Italian recipes from the huge collection of cookbooks I've acquired, as well as some of my own. I'm not sure if it's something that has the capacity to take off and make money for me or not. When I was active with it, I did nothing with ads or anything. I'd really love to have my own site, rather than using a host site, but I'm just not sure about any of it.

  13. Humble Daughter

    Whew almost $200 is too steep for me, I’ll have to get by with what I read on the internet and prayers. God bless

  14. Douglas & Amanda Zielinski

    I keep feeling the nudge to write, I have a topic idea but I need to hone it in more. Thank you for your encouragement!

  15. Eve Crabapple

    Thank you for this video! I have a blog but gained and lost motivation throughout the last couple of years. This is what I needed to hear!

  16. TheMelanieGrace

    great advice and encouragement. I feel like I'm not an expert enough and have nothing of value to share/teach. 🙁

  17. federica faggiano

    I’d love to have courage to start!
    It’s ages I’m dreaming it but it’s been only one year since I start watching contents that speak about… anyway you’re very inspiring genuine person and I like your bit of old fashion style☺️

  18. Karen S

    Blogging is a lot of work, and coming up with ideas…seems overwhelming…you are a natural and glad to hear you make a living off it.

  19. Heidi Elkington

    I have tried for three years, 2 separate times, putting money into the blogging world and I can't get past the technical stuff. Do you have that stuff in your course? Things like how to set your theme, how to do plugins , what they are etc… You are so inspiring! We really just need a second income but I can't leave my kids to go get a job.

  20. Jill Bailey

    I’m 53 years old and I love your blogging and even though your a lot younger than me , you truly inspire me to do stuff xxxxxxxxx


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