It Came From Tumblr #12 [Binge Compilation]

      26 Comments on It Came From Tumblr #12 [Binge Compilation]

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26 thoughts on “It Came From Tumblr #12 [Binge Compilation]

  1. star the potato

    My name is Regina George and I am a massive deal
    minutes later
    On Wednesdays we wear PONK
    Cady: tf no im fine I'll stay here bully me however much you want jfc

  2. TnTFx

    i was explaining dnd to a couple of friends and showed them a picture of the tarrasque and on of them said that its "THICC"

  3. Izzy- bella

    Ok so I have a story that might make people laugh, so yesterday my family wanted to watch a movie so my mom put on shrek and I didn't want to watch shrek so I changed the movie, my mom got mad at me and my sister was trying to hit my back (because I changed the movie and because shes my little sister) with a lightsaber but I decided to move and it hit my temple really hard. My mom looked at me and said "that's what you get when you mess with the shrek" and I'm still dying.


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