NEWBIE VLOGGER | Introduction

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I am Mara Tanchanco, 20 years old, Filipina and currently #Funemployed so I’ve finally gotten the time to try Youtube-ing out. I’m new at this so please be nice. I promise to get better in time! Hahaha. Please subscribe to my channel for videos about beauty, make up, lifestyle and more! 🙂

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20 thoughts on “NEWBIE VLOGGER | Introduction


    Nakatulong to sakin promise haha project kasi namin to diko alam kung pano sisimulan but now dami konang idea

  2. Ahron Realin Cula

    Hi ate mara pwede po mag tanong..?? Saan po kayo ng eedit ng videos niyo kasi po mag iistart plang po ako mag blog..!?

  3. YoursTruly A1G1O

    NEWBIE HERE AT YOUTUBE. Was searching "First Vlogs" to get some ideas for introduction and brought me here. 🙂


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