PACKING UP OUR APARTMENT // Packing and Moving Vlog // Simply Allie

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The packing begins! And we are vlogging our moving process. I hope this video is helpful and/or motivating if you are in the middle of packing and moving too.

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28 thoughts on “PACKING UP OUR APARTMENT // Packing and Moving Vlog // Simply Allie

  1. S. A

    I've lived in the same house for 14 years and we're finally moving so this will be the first time I actually experience moving (when we moved into this house I was 5 so I don't really remember the move)

  2. Kate M

    Packing is the worst. Sometimes you can only pack last minute because you use so much of it. I would think it’s only harder with two littles! You got this though!

  3. Christine J

    You probably won’t see this since I’m late. But you should consider getting vacuum bags from the dollar store/dollar general. You can fit a ton of clothes in the bag and use the vacuum to suck out the air. Keeps the clothes fresh too. It would be easier to put away the clothes you won’t be needing soon and it would take wayyyy less space. It would also work perfect for large fluffy blankets or Emmy’s stuffed animals. Just an idea.

  4. Julia Perry

    I store all items that you would consider small in clear shoe box type containers and all first aid;batteries;sewing items in clear snap closed carry containers. These are great because the containers snap together and can be divided up under cabinets so packing is fast. We moved our entire home and unpacked in one weekend because we just had to sit the containers in larger bins and lock close. As a retired chef, my kitchen took the longest and it was a lot! I don't think you had as much time to prepare so God bless you and your family in your new home.

  5. Zoey Redding

    Great job!
    I think this is the first I've seen of Oakley opening his eyes. I cant believe how much he looks like Emmy

  6. anniluves

    please do a house tour ♥ as well as filming the first big cleaning in the new house ♥ that would be awesome! 🙂

  7. Maria Peony

    I loved this video! You are definitely super mom! Also my husband and I recently just moved and this video was sparking up so many memories and all the feels ❤️

  8. freesimorgh

    you keep mentioning your young living business. But young living isn't your company, is it? Is young living like Avon?

  9. Love Always, Angi

    Use Saran Wrap to secure things in their containers, and then just pack the containers, like bathroom plastic totes, silverware, stuff like that. Saves a ton of work.

  10. 1329melissa

    Omg oakley is the cutest my heart was just so full of joy watching em just chill there..wish u guys the best, god bless

  11. Sana Fares

    Oh my god. It seems like it was yesterday when my boys had their closet just like that and moving seemed just impossible. Beautiful babies!! God bless your family!

  12. Momma From Scratch

    It’s true that once you start packing it’s like wow how is there so much stuff. Safe moving for you guys!


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