Pet Market Tour | Vlog #370

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Today I take you on a pet market tour through my favourite #petmarket in Manila, Philippines, called Cartimar Pet Center. I show you cages, aquariums, a variety of different #animals, plants, and fish. It’s a place where pet-lovers in Manila love to shop for their #pets.

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19 thoughts on “Pet Market Tour | Vlog #370

  1. Cretchie Gu, Du

    Helo sir Mikey sana mapansin mo tung comment q,. Care giver po ako dto sa Taiwan at pangarap ko po pumunta sa Canada,. Pwede mo akong kunin na maid ng mama mo.

  2. Stafu

    omg hahaha kartimar. i restock on superworm every once in a while for my T's. i buy them there. there are some awesome bikeshops around the area aswell. guilty pleasure i buy fake basketball jerseys pambahay there.

  3. Sasiowl Jewell

    Yea, I really hate to go to pet stores, I always leave feeling sad that there in the cages and they have people poking and prodding them all day. I really feel bad when I see baby ferrets in a cage and want to take them home! Yea, that's how at one time I ended up with 12 ferrets – LOL! But they all brought joy to us! But that looks like a cool shop, thank you for taking us there to see all the cool fish and birds! I have tried crabs but I think I did not do good research on them. Yes do crabs so us that would love to raise them can take tips from you!

  4. Yeyenbessy Anasan

    i want to go at cartimar but kuya im so far away im from nueva ecija
    palgi ko pinapanood video mo sa cartimar
    soon i will go there

  5. Rowdy motmot Cat

    Love the tour through the pet market. I wish we had so many fish keepers here. Love all your videos and you start my day with a smile. Keep up all the good work.

  6. Victoria Lupton

    We love your vlogs! They are informative and entertaining. Keep it up! Thank you for including me in your vlog!

  7. Zack Mendros

    Mikeyy!! I always wanted to visit cartimar. I know it may sound weird but it's my dream to visit that place. Especially the bird section. I was happy because i've been waiting for a tour in cartimar. Thank you Mikey for this vid. Love you vids and hope to see you in person.

  8. patrick ph gaming

    Hi im patrick howard from san luis and im a 14 years old batangas i suffered a clinical depression and anxiety im been bullied from my school that why i stopped my study to get treatment for my disease last time i see mikey bustos in youtube his videos was very funny and his vlogs was good im so amazed to his african grey then im inspired to be a bird lover and i have 2 African lovebirds 1 cockatiel


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