Volleyball VLOG! – Playing Volleyball

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Volleyball VLOG – Playing Volleyball
It’s so hard to get good footage ya’ll! Especially when you can’t film things yourself! I’m sorry the quality got a little grainy, but a girl did with what she had. Make no mistakes, I am still sick, this was from about a week and a half ago! This is a recreational league, so It’s all about the fun! Please like, comment, and subscribe! Keep playing!


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20 thoughts on “Volleyball VLOG! – Playing Volleyball

  1. Koko Volley

    What did you think of the new intro? No more 'Logan you are my hero'. haha.

    I know. I know. The quality stinks!!! But what can a girl do? I really wanted for you all to see some in game action, but I promise next time, i'll get some better shots! ♡ Like, comment, and subscribe!

  2. Malias Life

    Omg I got on my school team!!! I'm so proud of myself! You helped me so much with your videos! Thank you so much! If you could do a video on serving that would be so awesome!!!

  3. Gunna Thigh

    Hii! I have a video request. I just recently tried out for my school's volleyball team and didn't make it and I would like for you to please make a video about not getting discouraged or something like that

  4. The Alaskan Outsider

    Volleyball is a ton of fun. I got into it at college through intramurals. I made a blog of me going to the gym to play volleyball. Maybe you'd check it out? Or some other of my videos on my channel! Thanks! 🙂


    Hi Koko thank you for this video because I heard if you watch volleyball games you kind of get a feel of what your volleyball experience


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